• The awards are open to everyone.
  • Anyone can nominate a team / public servant or you can nominate yourself.
  • All entries submitted must be relevant to their local community area.
  • Previous nominees and winners are eligible to enter.

Community Champion Team Award
For teams between the ages of 18 and 60
This award will be presented to a local team or group of volunteers who make a difference to their community by improving amenities or raising the quality of life for local residents. This category is open to local charities or voluntary organisations who, for example, may be involved in fundraising for better facilities or organising community events.  We are looking for evidence of how this work has made the community a better or safer place to live.

Community Champion Individual Award
For individuals between the ages of 18 and 60
This award will be presented to someone who, by giving up their free time, has made a significant contribution to other people’s lives or to their community. For example, this individual may run a local club, campaign for better services for their area, tackle environmental issues or clean up their communities. We want to hear inspirational stories of how this individual has made an impact.

Public Services Community Champion Award
This award will reward a public service team or individual who demonstrates an outstanding contribution to help those in the community in which they work. They will have gone that extra mile to provide help and support that has made a real difference to the local community.

Uniform Services Community Champion Award
This new category will recognise an extraordinary team or individual from the uniformed services.  It could be a person you turn to in times of crisis or a team who is responsible for keeping your community safe.  They may have gone above and beyond the call of duty or make an outstanding contribution to help those they serve.

Senior Community Champion Award
For individuals or teams aged 60 and over.
We are looking for a local hero or team from the 60 and over age group who, after many years of hard work, continue to devote much of their time to helping other individuals or groups in their community.  We want to hear about and reward the work of those special older citizens.

Young Community Champion Award
For individuals or teams aged 17 and under.
This will reward a group of young people or an individual aged 17 or under.  They may have made a difference to their community or have inspired others through their achievements.  This could be through fundraising, campaigning on issues which are important to young people or helping others less fortunate.

Health and Wellbeing Award
This award will recognise groups or projects which promote the improvement of health and wellbeing within their communities.   It could be an initiative which promotes healthy lifestyles or provides support to help people stop smoking.  Or it may be a project which offers advice, counselling and support for those with health issues. The category is open to all charities or voluntary organisations, community groups and individuals.

Sports Community Champion Award
Glasgow was the proud host of the Commonwealth Games in 2014.  This category has been introduced to recognise those working at grass roots level to encourage participation in sport and improve the fitness of Glasgow’s citizens.   It could be a club which promotes sporting, social and recreational opportunities. Or it may be an outstanding coach who inspires people in the community to be more active. The category is open to all charity, voluntary or public organisations, community groups, and individuals.